Educational Grant Applications in Sussex

The Trustees of the Southover Manor General Educational Trust Ltd consider applications twice a year. Applications should be submitted by 31 March or 30 September for the Trustees’ consideration at meetings in May and November respectively. Trustees may wish to visit the school/organisation to explore the context of the application in more detail before the next Trustees’ meeting.

Please answer the series of four eligibility questions below (each will appear in sequence). If you are eligible to apply for educational grants, you will be provided with a downloadable application form to complete and submit to us by email to and by post. Please ensure that when you apply to also include any associated documents (e.g. quotations, plans and photographs) that are relative to your application.

Please send your completed application to:

The Secretary
Woodmans Farmhouse
West Sussex
RH20 3AU

If you experience any difficulties with our application form, please contact us via to request a copy of the application form by email.


The Trustees of Southover Manor General Educational Trust Ltd meet to consider applications for educational grants twice a year:

Closing dates for applications Trustees’ grant meetings
31 March May
30 September November

Please note that meeting the criteria for an educational grant does not automatically lead to the award of a grant.   Upon receipt of your applications, Trustees may wish to visit the school or organisation in order to gain greater understanding of your educational project.   If your application is successful your organisation must commit to the following:

  • Acknowledge receipt of the educational grant.
  • Confirm, within one year from the date of the award, that the grant has been applied to the designated charitable project in East Sussex, West Sussex and Brighton & Hove.
  • Accept all risks and liabilities associated with the activity being supported.
  • Return the grant to the Trust if funds allocated to an educational project are not utilised within a year of the grant being given.
  • The grant is also made with the stipulation that if the school/organisation should, for any reason, close or cease to exist in its present form within a period of 5 years from the date of the grant, the full sum may be reclaimed. The Trustees therefore require confirmation that you accept this stipulation and that at the end of the 5 year period you will confirm to the Trustees the school/organisation continues to operate.

For larger projects that may take longer for you to raise all of the funding required, we may commit to providing funding at some time in the future when you are ready to proceed with the expenditure. In such cases, it may be possible to award a larger grant than we could award at one meeting by committing ourselves to making awards at successive meetings.